We assist you in building the foundations for psychological safety within your company through our uniquely designed workshops

Expand Your Vision of offers a distinctive solution for forward-thinking leaders that delves deep into the realms of psychological safety, addressing the underlying factors that affect your team’s well-being. We explore the intricate connection between psychological safety and productivity, utilising a highly collaborative process to craft a team strategy that is not only value-driven but also fosters a culture of trust and openness.

Your reality may look like this right now …

  • Dissatisfaction among your team members is resulting in higher turnover rates; recruiting and retaining top talent is becoming a significant challenge
  • Your organisation can’t seem to really change the burnout culture, despite best efforts with many HR initiatives
  • As a company you experience struggles to adapt to changing landscapes and you miss out on opportunities for growth and improvement
  • Elevated stress levels due to continuous pressure to deliver results leads to employees burnout as they navigate the strain of deadlines and heightened expectations

Our in-depth, immersive and transformational solution will help you create benefits that include:

  • Building understanding and ownership within your teams – allowing them to fully participate in the direction of the company
  • Honest and constructive conversation to help overcome challenges and barriers within your teams
  • An approach that provides deeper individual connection to communal goals and ways to achieve them
  • A CLEAR map of your territory – the things you are looking to grow, seek and protect
  • Smoother conflict resolution and stronger relationships
  • Ability to recognise and identify stress indicators, and how to tackle them

Poor mental health costs UK employers annually up to £117.9 billion
(Source: Mental Health Foundation & LSE)

Chart & Navigate Your Mission

Expand Your Vision of provides a unique solution that really goes deep and gets under the skin of what is impacting your team’s wellbeing, how this impacts productivity and a very collaborative process to design a results-driven team strategy.

The wonderful Maya Angelou said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. This is EXACTLY why we have designed our sessions using expedition metaphors, making it easier for individuals to open up because they are using a story of being ‘round the campfire’ to find solutions.

What Is An Expand Your Vision Of Expedition?

The Nomadic School of Business Mapping Process* brings our exclusive concept of a ‘nomadic mindset’ to the process of change and team development.

This modality is based on first-hand research with nomadic and indigenous communities around the world, it’s a visual way of using territory maps to align the purpose and vision of teams and organisations. It also helps you as a people-focused leader to develop an understanding of mental health and stress indicators in order to create a psychologically safe working environment.

We understand that it’s important to go deep and get under the skin of what is impacting your team’s well-being, the reasons why people repeat unhelpful, unhealthy patterns and how that impacts productivity. Our RESPECT Framework overlays our Team Expedition process - enabling you to create values-driven strategies through clear and honest communication whilst focusing on psychological safety.

How it works

With 5 engaging and interactive team sessions we work out a way through the biggest challenges and operational change. This is not a passive experience, we create a safe and positive environment that encourages safe vulnerability, so that you and your teams can ‘work the problem’ collaboratively.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Maya Angelou

Who we are

Ready to really move the needle on your team's performance and wellbeing?

We are Sonka and Fabio, Co-Founders of Expand Your Vision Of and we are delighted to bring this unique modality to the working world. 

Collectively between us, we both have 50 years of experience in the corporate space, (Fabio having worked in Director level roles throughout his career and Sonka as a Chartered Lead Engineer) and through our own personal journeys we discovered that team strategy sessions were bland, and often they weren’t conducive to everyone in the team having a voice. Equally, over the years we observed that organisations were struggling to incorporate mental health and wellbeing activities in a way that felt meaningful and actually impacted change. This is exactly why the unique concept of the ‘nomadic mindset’ and using ancient wisdom to create a visual expedition experience has been so successful. It’s different, and it allows everyone a seat around the campfire. It really gets into the deep elements of human behaviour to create a sense of common ground and direction within teams.

Ultimately creating clarity, direction and alignment for teams and organisations.

As high achievers ourselves, we’ve seen first-hand the impact of stress on personal and professional lives. 

Expand Your Vision Of was formed from a passion to do better, to truly enable fellow leaders to drive high-impact strategies, whilst fostering an environment of mental wellbeing in the workplace. We know that it won’t always be plain sailing, but using the Team Expedition method will ensure that your organisation and teams are ready for whatever challenges the terrain throws at them!

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Sonka Keys Braunova
Master NLP & TLT Practitioner
Master Breakthrough Coach
Registered Nutritional Therapist

Fabio Mazzieri
Business & Life Coach
Mindset Coach

NLP Practitioner
Mental Strength and Mastery Coach
Corporate Mental Health Facilitator

Anthony Willoughby

Anthony is the originator of Territory Mapping. He has developed and refined the process over 30 years of travels and conversations with everyone and anyone from Bill Gates to Maasai tribesmen.

Doutzen Groothof

Doutzen is based in Rwanda from where she runs her company Stand Tall. She works with people and teams towards more courage and clarity in life and leading, based on 17 years of organisational and people development experience in Europe and East Africa. In close collaboration with Anthony Willoughby she turns ancient inspiration and wisdom into powerful steps and programs.


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